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  • #TheDodos
    General chatroom for all Mauritians
  • #MakeMoneyOnline
    Learn how to make money from the Internet.
  • #FootballFanatics
    Discuss the English Premier League
  • #HorseRacing
    Come share your best tip for the next race!!!
  • #WebDevelopers
    Programmers, designers, database administrators etc
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About Clever Dodo Chat

Let me tell you why we started a chat service on Clever Dodo. When I went to the UK to study, it was difficult not feeling alienated in this foreign country and I wanted to meet other fellow Mauritians to hang out with. I discovered Servihoo Chat at that time and it was a great way to stay connected with my beloved country, Mauritius, and also it was a relief to know there would be someone to talk to (no matter how late at night) if I was feeling lonely. I made some really good friends there and we're still in contact now but unfortunately Servihoo has closed down.

Although there are services like Facebook which allows you to have a live chat, you still need to be friends with that person before you can engage in a conversation with them. I think it is fantastic to have an open chatroom where everyone can join in at any time.

Here are some cool things about this service

  • 24/7 access; so if it's 3am and you're finding it hard to sleep, you can come talk with someone instead of staring at the ceiling.
  • This is primarily a Mauritian Chat - so wherever you live on earth (inter-planetary communication not yet supported), you'll be able to locate other people from Mauritius. You may even discover the person you're talking to lives in your area and you're only finding that out now!
  • Those going to study or work abroad can easily find other Mauritians who are already settled there who may be able to help them.
  • Citizens who are now living abroad can find information from locals (eg how to get the new biometric identity card)
  • You can create your own chatroom to discuss with your friends/family (for instance you can create an #Xbox or #Linux chatroom if you're into those and choose whether you'd like it to be public or private)
  • Make new friends and maybe even find love, who knows, eh :)